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Case Study

Ian Jukes

Ian Jukes' life changed when he popped in to register with a new doctor in Dec 2011 after moving house.

Days later the 59-year-old was left shattered after being told a routine blood test revealed he had raised PSA level which was then confirmed as prostate cancer.

"I had no suspicions or idea anything was wrong at all because I had no signs of symptons. Even to this day I still can't believe I had it becaused there were no signs or symptoms".

Mr Jukes, who lives in Worcester, underwent surgery in May 2012 to remove the tumour. During his recovery Mr Jukes discovered other hospitals were using surgical robots to carry out the operation but it was not available in Worcestershire.

Mr Jukes said if he had been given the choice he would have opted for robotically assissted surgery and has now committed to campaigning to raise the money to ensure Worcestershire pateints can enjoy the benefits the technology brings.

"I have a 12 inch scar which isn't a problem personally, I'd rather have my life and a scar than not, but having just five small incisions would have been a lot easier to recover from than full open surgery".

"From my point of view I wanted the operation in a Worcestershire hospital. I live in Worcestershire and I wanted the support of family and friends around me. It's so important this is available locally."

"A surgical robot would enable us to offer our patients an enhanced service with more precise surgery, better recovery times and a reduced stay in hospital"

Adel Makar - Urology Consultant and Lead Cancer Clinician - Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust